The Canadian Club

{October 16, 2009}   Welcome

Well, I’d been hoping to find that Russ had kicked things off, since he is more the kicking-off sort than I am.  I guess not.

Being a couple of cutting-edge guys, Dave and Russ have decided to give weblogging a go.  We hear it is an easy path to fame and book contracts.

So, Russ, I have some questions for you today.

1) Was the balloon boy story a hoax or just stupid?

2)  How are you planning to live the principle of “Whatever” today?

3)  Do you think any of our friends will ever read this?


clovis says:

i will. all of it. and will have nothing of interest to add.

Dave says:

You will have lots of interest to add, but you will not read all of it, because no one does.

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