The Canadian Club

{October 16, 2009}   Whoah there!

What’s with all the fancy hyperlinks!?!

Your theory that Dabney Coleman epitomizes some moment of national, er, something-or-other, is a compelling one, Russ.  But it’s not enough to say that it was something amazing.  I mean, Shitting (One’s) Pants is amazing, but not amazing in the same way that Ricky Stratton’s house was amazing.  I mean, there’s amazing and then there’s amazing.  Am I right or am I right?

That T-Mobile ad makes me want to barf my brains out like balloon boy.  Speaking of balloon boy, remember this MTV 120 Minutes Fave?

I can’t decide if I still like this song.  I probably shouldn’t, but I think that the late-80’s 120 Minutes moment is ready for its own revival.


Russ says:

I knew I was thinking of something when I posted the Soft Boys vid. I think I really hated this song, though. Whatever. By the late-80s 120 Minutes had totally sold out, though. They tracked fairly closely with Siouxsie Sioux’s career. Peek-a-boo, although I can appreciate it now, marked the redefinition of Alternative to mean pretty much Whatever.

daveonacell says:

Only poseurs worry about selling out.

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