The Canadian Club

{October 17, 2009}   Workout time!

I’m sensing a blogging/jogging parallel here.  I have a little trouble keeping up at the beginning, but ultimately I wind up having to carry a winded, sobbing Russ home in my arms.  I’m going to hit my stride soon, I just know it.

So I have some questions for you today, Russ.

1)  Does this mean that we have to stop looking at Cakewrecks, or is that the kind of question that a poseur would ask?

2)  Tell me more about “Dead Boys.”  Wait, that’s not a question.  Would you be so kind as to tell me more about “Dead Boys?”

3)  Do you think our moms are reading this yet?

4)  Will I ever get “Break My Stride” out of my head, or is this another way in which “Glee” is destroying my brain?


Russ says:

Dude! Those backup dancers are smokin’. Is that a combination of giant sequins and lame(with an accent) collars?

can_i_haz_ty's_cheezburger says:

This is most excellent. Remember the time when you could wear such a glorious mustache without worry of reproach or beat-downs? Or (in my case) have Vincent Lindon (of La Moustache fame) play a ‘stach for you? But the French never had to worry about uber-masculine gayness connotations, right??? In the early 80’s, the Freddy Mercury, Selleck, Burt, guy-from-Rio-Speedwagon, Yanni ‘staches stood for so much. They were worn like the ubiquitous magnetic car ribbons of today, that proudly proclaimed a (still undiscernible) cause. Wear one today and you’ll likely be issued a folicular felony…or worse.

can_i_haz_ty's_cheezburger says:

Dave says:

Ah, but ‘staches are cool again.

Get with the program!

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