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{October 17, 2009}   In which Dave gets more kudos

gerhard richter I meant to mention this with my first post this morning, Dave, but I have to hand it to ya, that was genius to fish up the awful awful, self-righteous hatchet job TNR did on Gerhard Richter.  That just about sums up everything that’s wrong with the Arts commentary in the New Republic — that if a painter isn’t trying to be either Edward Hopper or Marc Chagall, he’s clearly just trying to put one over on the public while selling out to the moneyed and trendy New York art scene.

Anyway, I’m thinking of finally not renewing my subscription to TNR.  I dunno, it’s just gotten so Jewish lately.


can_I_haz_cheesburger says:

Given the long history of TNR’s foibles and propensity for plagerism (, I am naturally predisposed to look for flaws in its articles. Even with this aside, this writer’s summation of Richter is so stupid, it practically drools. Jed tries to authenticate his multi-pronged attack with myriad polemics (historical, multi-media, convention), demagogy and good ol’ rhetorical pleading. It’s easy to see his glare of elitist put-downs, and overt (gulp,”snark”) snobbery. Not to mention his veiled clichés about photography not being a genuine art form. Subjectivity: that which the writer found horribly affected, phony, etc., I found engaging, lucid, and relevant.

Dave says:

Yeah, that review made me barf. You could dismiss Jed Perl as a 150 year-old crank, but TNR’s general infatuation with cranks — old cranks and baby cranks alike — had everything to do with the kind of insanity that you linked to. Never mind, you know, the Iraq War stuff. We stopped our subscription ages ago, since it turns out crankiness isn’t very charming when it’s coupled with blind anti-Arab hawkishness.

Russ says:

I dunno. The 2 Jonathans (Chait and Cohn) are sharp, esp. when the former stays out of foreign policy, and their writings independent of the magazine have merit. Otherwise, I’m not sure why I let my subscription renew for as long as it did, except as a palliative for not going to synagogue.
Anyway, cheezburger, don’t diss Stephen Glass! He was my HS Student Congress teammate.

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