The Canadian Club

{October 17, 2009}   Pshaw!

As if TNR has ever sufficiently explained anything.  But really, do we need to ask why people want to look at the most violent, repulsive stuff there is to look at?  I mean, sorry, I know it’s not teh funny or anything (Wait, are people still saying “teh?”  They’re totally not, are they?) but PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE.  As evil as that thing that nobody is supposed to touch at the end of “Time Bandits.”  That’s how terrible people are.

As for your question re “Time Bandits” and “Where the Wild Things Are.”  The answer is no.  That is probably true for, I dunno, everything else.  Or something.  Whatever,

I think I must have managed to answer your question about the opera in there somewhere.

OMG, EDITED TO ADD:  HOW COULD I LET THE DIRECTORIAL DEBUT OF NATALIE PORTMAN GO WITHOUT COMMENT?!?!?  Do you think it will be Manic Pixie Natalie or Ponderous Harvard Girl Natalie?  Oh, wait, it’s kind of all the same Natalie, isn’t it?

Edited again to add:  I am so Whatever that I am going to leave that comma at the end of the “Whatever” above.


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