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{October 17, 2009}   Regarding chicks, baguettes and rom com cliches

I think we can blame the same collective failure of romantic imagination for this:

and this:

I was a jaded and cynical 27-year-old who came of age in the swinging ’90s of dot-com-boom Manhattan.

So the real question is, who do we hate the most here (besides your ex-wife, obvs)?  You know, for the Autumn-in-New-York/Vows-Column/French-ladies-carrying-baguettes-on-bicycles worldview (Why bread, btw?  Why not these, or these?).  The people who write this stuff should know better, shouldn’t they?  I mean, most of them have actually visited or lived in dazzling world capitals, right?  So why do they talk about opera and baguettes?  Is it the fault of the entitled authors with their long-nurtured-but-vague dreams of “doing some kind of writing,” or do the gatekeepers bear most of the responsibilty for shaping the content — because, you know, people like that sort of thing?

On a related subject, why do rom-coms so often make artsy types the dream girls?  Because, the fact is, they make exceptionally poor spouses.


clovis says:

celery and leeks are both common in china, as well (unike baguettes, which are continental, at worst). and rom coms have artsy protagonists because the terminally single/maudlin female audience members like to think of their dissatisfaction as quirky/artsy rather than narcissistic/delusional.

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