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{October 21, 2009}   Dying the heat death
pretty colors make us live long

pretty colors make us live long

To be honest, Dave, these questions have just never come to mind.  I have just never spent sixteen hours straight in a haze of suffering, seeking resources within myself to arrive at a point where I could either eat, write or read something edifying and that would advance me to those carrots of which donkeys so often bray.  So, I’m gonna have to give it some thought and get back to you later in the day, once I’m done rolling through the prestigious and linear investigations that must occupy the next few hours of my time.

With that, however, I leave you with one small question.  Which do you think is better:  This video, or watching one of the better episodes of the Avengers (Diana Rigg edition) while eating gelato at Capogiro?


Dave says:

See, now that’s the kind of African-American performer we NPR-types can feel comfortable with — the kind who went to Germantown Friends and Wesleyan.

Russ says:

On the contrary, she sounds like she actually enjoys the music she makes. Definitely not a characteristic of any whiny, morose and ugly NPR-infused recording artists.

Dave says:

Oh, snap!

Dave says:

I was wondering how long it would be before someone said “heat death.” Not long, apparently.

clovis says:

the avengers. with gelato. and diana rigg. (because fake, artsified violence is not fruity like gelato)

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