The Canadian Club

{October 22, 2009}   Wouldn’t it be fun if I took this really seriously?
I wish this actually tasted good.

I wish this actually tasted good.

The bike riding was just thrown in there to be annoying.  I know you don’t go in for that sort of thing.

So do you really think that autonomy and carrots go hand in hand?  Is the idea of pursuing your craft, completely on your own, without any regard for rewards, just for romantics and the mentally ill?  I have a soft spot for the “insurance salesman by day, rock star/poet/master Bedazzler by night” fantasy.  Of course, I recognize that I probably don’t want to be this guy, except in the sense that I would love to make strange, brilliant sweatshirts that are simultaneously lovely and unsettling.  But I still think that there are other viable models for maintaining a craft/life/earning-a-paycheck balance than the one I am currently trying to emulate.

Actually, I think what I want to be is this guy.  How do I make that happen?


Dave's Mom says:

Everybody wants to be (a) Lester or (b) Lester’s girlfriend.

Dave says:

Did my mom just tell me she wants to be a stripper? I’m pretty sure that’s what I just read.

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