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{November 2, 2009}   I am not a number!


So hey there, Russ, how was your Halloween weekend?  What did you wind up being, anyway?

I went to a movie this weekend, which was so exciting for me that I started giggling uncontrollably during the previews and remained more or less rapt throughout the entire film.  You know that scene from Sullivan’s Travels where the convicts are watching the Mickey Mouse cartoon and laughing their heads off?  And it’s such a great scene, but then you’re like, whoa, wait, did grown-ups ever used to think Mickey Mouse was that funny?  (Because, trust me, I’ve seen some of these recently with this guy and they are moderately amusing at best.)  Anyway, I was like those convicts in the movie.  I was like one of those moviegoers who supposedly ran screaming from the Lumiere Brothers’ train film.  I could have watched anything on the big screen and been delighted, I think.  OK, you’re right, maybe not anything.

So it turns out that it can be fun to leave the house and be in the actual, physical world with other human beings (other human beings besides Pajamas and Footie Pajamas, I mean).  As your mom so aptly put it — and kudos to her for her stream of insight! — a lot of my gripes about humankind result from “not actually having left the house for Halloween in many years (don’t deny it!), and are based wholly on [my] readings of Us Weekly in grocery-store lines.”  That is, if by “Halloween” you mean, “any reason except for class or to pick up FP,” and by “Us Weekly in grocery-store lines” you mean, “Jezebel in your studio while eating a solitary apple-and-peanut-butter lunch.”  So yes, Russ’s Mom, your point is well taken.  I welcome your perspective from the outside.

Speaking of the Outside, do you think this is completely misguided, or potentially awesome?  I’m leaning towards the former, but mostly because of my distaste for Jim Caviezel.

So that’s what I learned this weekend.  What did you learn, Russ?


ty palmer says:

I’ve never met anybody else (under 60) that has seen the film Sullivan’s Travels. I love that movie (was responsible for my Veronica Lake* crush). Yes, that scene where the prisoners are laughing hysterically over Mickey is always intriguing, mystifying. The scene is surreal, in that it seems so forced and staged, yet very gritty-real, ya know? The chortles from these roughians seem clearly unhinged, toppling into insanity. Then there’s all the visible shackles and ball and chains add to this madness. There’s certainly some Grapes of “Wrath” unfolding here…

*sadly, Veronica Lake had a tragic life. Worked as a bar maid in her old age in NYC. Her ashes were found in some Floridian funeral parlor; nobody claimed them after her passing…

ty palmer says:

…and nobody claimed her ashes BEFORE her passing, either! doh!! There’s no edit option on here for dumb writing mistakes. *sigh*

Dave says:

Yay! I love Preston Sturges. Sullivan’s Travels is probably my favorite, at least from the handful that I’ve seen.

I’m with you, Veronica Lake was pretty amazing. She have serious mental health issues, right?

Dave says:

Had serious mental health issues.

Dave says:

Ha! Nice cross-posted corrections.

ty palmer says:

Yes. Alcohol and depression. But she lives on in Jessica Rabbit and haunts the Churro cart in Toon Town I hear.

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