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{November 4, 2009}   Road to H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks


I suppose that makes me Bing, right?  But if that’s the case, how come you’re the one making everyone vomit with your spooning?

You know, Russ, we don’t talk politics much here at the Canadian Club, but today I just can’t help myself.  Now, I’m a little bit crabby today because, as the saying goes, “I went to sleep with gum in my mouth and now there’s gum in my hair…” We’ve got a transit strike going on that is this close to turning me into a Republican.  I seem to have pulled some weird muscle in my chest wall and now it HURTS TO BREATHE.  IT HURTS TO BREATHE, RUSS!!!!1@!! (Before you comment, Mom, YES, I will go to the doctor if it gets any worse and NO it’s not pleurisy, I felt it happen suddenly when I was running the other day.)  Also, I have a cold.  And did I mention the transit strike?

inky pic

SEPTA train on fire (from the Philadelphia Inquirer)

So anyway, what was I saying?  Oh.  Yes.  Politics.  WTF, Maine?!  I hate your guts right now almost as much as I hate TWU Local 234.  We’re talking Crushing Hate, not Hate Crush.  Seriously, Maine, that’s not like you guys!  You’re New Englanders.  You’re practically Canadians.  I was sure that you were going to be my ray of sunshine last night.  This guy said so, even.

I got married up there with you guys!

I thought you were cool.

It’s surprising to me that this is so upsetting.  I genuinely believed that Obama’s election had brought me to some state of inner calm with regard to electoral politics.  All those wacky ups and downs?  So silly!  Everything was moving, inevitably, all that election season, to where it was supposed to be moving.  “Why can’t he be more aggressive?” we asked, in a state of panic over the latest tracking polls (around which I used to schedule my day’s activities).  But, like, he was totally right and we were totally wrong and he won and we were all happy for a little while because maybe things really do have a way of working themselves out after all!

I know that it’s incredibly stupid of me to have applied that kind of thinking to, basically, everything that’s happened in the world of politics since then, but I think that’s probably what I’ve been doing.  It’s been hard not to let go, step away from the blogs and hum a little tune since the presidential election, since it allows me to function at a (marginally) higher level than I can when I’m paying too-close attention.  Which brings me back, tediously, to that same question:  How can I be interested in something without letting it take over my life?


Dave's Mom says:

Yes, Maine was very disappointing, but I am going to cheer you up. Jim DeMint (R-SC) announced that his Senate Conservatives Fund was endorsing state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore over Carly Fiorina. Fiorina–who ran Hewlitt-Packard into the ground–just announced that she is running for the Senate, intending to unseat Barbara Boxer. She couldn’t beat Boxer anyway, but the teabaggers are going to take her out during the primary. It gives them something to do and gives us something to laugh at.

Anna says:

Ha! And I was all set to suggest pleurisy. I so hear you on the heartbreak that is Maine. Also, I adore both SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS and the Buzzcocks, and thus this blog–which I confess to reading in several-entry clumps, thus leading to comments under the wrong entries–is completely working for me today (your goal, I know).

At least Billy Crudup has those Priceless voice-overs to fall back on.

Dave says:

Wow, “Anna,” it’s so exciting to get a comment from someone other than Ty or one of our moms/”moms” that I’m sort of speechless. What are these Priceless voice-overs of which you speak?

Anna says:

The Mastercard campaign–Dave’s ride to the movies = $8, Dave’s chewy snack = $4, Dave’s experience of a life outside the PB sandwich = priceless. All Billy, all kind of smug-sounding after he left MLP while she was pregnant. Or maybe that’s just me?

Dave says:

Wow, I had no idea that was his voice. Then again, I never have any idea that he’s in anything. He’s, like, invisible, but I’m not convinced that’s because he’s some kind of genius actor or anything.

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