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{December 31, 2009}   Hot Love and other things to think about

Well, Dave, someone heard my earlier plea about obtaining a free ticket to the Deli.  I mean, except for the free part.  And so it is that I am headed off to Hindustan today to see my Hindustani girlfriend!

But, I wouldn’t leave without throwing some questions your way, Dave… And so here are some things I was thinking about:

So, sifting through this compilation, I noticed this press release for something that calls itself  “Bezi Bra Discs,” basically subtle pasties.  This apparently resolves an age-old predicament

“With so many air-conditioned rooms, women wearing sleek bridal wear are seeing more than just wedding cake. They are seeing they outline of their nipples through their dresses,” says Anne Zuckerman, owner of Edith’s Inc. “This is not they way most brides — and their bridal party — want to stand out on such an important day as a wedding.”

Now, I have to admit to finding it a really bad sign that our contemporaries are horrified of this.  And yet, don’t you have some old acquaintance that “invented” and sold the same thing?  What were they called? Who has a patent on this?  And how could several people have the same bad idea at once? In essence, this invokes the Almodovar paradox, where what is presented as particularly sensitive to women, strikes me, rather, as sneering misogyny.

And, to answer your question, Dave, yes, I have seen three Almodovar films.  They basically have a drag queen‘s portrayal of the feminine mystique.  Perhaps it is in those grand gesticulations of mocking hyperbole that modern criticism reads feminism.  Or maybe I have it all wrong, and there is some confusion and distinction that I’m not making between movies that are feminist by nature, and those that are sensitive portrayals of women.

Moving along, I’m very curious about this thing called Momofuku.  Why is it extremely popular as a subject of Facebook status updates?  What is it?  Is its appeal related in some way to the popularity of those French Connection UK T-shirts?  Help me out here, Dave.

Finally, you have a kid, right?  Well, can you ask him what the deal is with all these poopyheads?

Well, that’s about enough out of me.  I best be shining my shoes and sliding my passport in its protective sleeve.  See ya on the other side of 2009!


Anna says:

I just caught up on the late-December posts and am haunted by the question of whether Almodovar is sexist. Because I love some of his films, or at least how absolutely gorgeous they look. The world needs more red in it, dammit. But I am also an extremely cranky feminist who tends to get riled up by matters that others consider trivial, so how did I miss this? Was I seduced into overlooking things by the lovely visuals and delightful Spanish, or are you wrong?

Okay, now that I have reviewed a list of Almodovar’s films, I realize that I have seen only a few and certainly disliked MATADOR when I saw it in college, though I was drunk at the time. HABLE CON ELLA sounds downright creepy, and I skipped LA MALA EDUCACION because I didn’t have the energy for a pedophilia plotline (lame, I know). So really I only saw and loved VOLVER and TODO SOBRE MI MADRE (originally typed by my as TOTO, making it sound a bit like puppy porn) and thus have not nearly enough basis to make an argument of any sort. I did see an interview with him about TSMM and thought he was a bit wrong about women as a group, albeit in a flattering way. It was very much a draggy take on femalehood, as I think you put it.

Then I started musing about whether an inaccurate understanding of women is by definition sexist (maybe). Or if any generalization is (almost certainly). And about the very different ways a gay man might perceive and interpret women, vs. the way women and straight men do.

But you’re probably right, if only on the basis of his shooting of Cruz’s ever-heaving bosoms.

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