The Canadian Club

{October 20, 2009}   Stuff white people like

Re the NPR black musicians thing:  tell us something we DON’T know, Slate Magazine, you multi-culti internet hotspot, you.  [ETA:  Internet hotspot?  That’s where you get wi-fi, isn’t it?  What the hell am I talking about?]  So, I mean, yeah.  Totally.  Whatever.  NPR is for white people, I am a white person, I like a lot of those white-person bands and I don’t think David Sedaris sucks (even if I don’t, like, belly laugh when I hear that Billy Holiday thing for the gazillionth time).

Now, as for your other question:  OMFG, I totally had a big long tangent about this in my physical fitness post, but I decided to save it for later because I like to keep things short and sweet.

I’m really of two minds on this one.  On the one hand, can’t we assume that our Facebook peers are somewhat on board with all of our farmers market garbage?  We all get weird stuff in our CSA shares and sometimes other people know what to do with all of that green garlic (hint — don’t make this if you enjoy the company of other human beings), so maybe it’s not so bad to talk about that kind of thing?  On the other hand — I dunno, I don’t see another hand here, but that’s mostly because I’m already burdened by a near-crippling sense of shame over everything I do or say in front of other people and want not to feel stupid about yet one more thing.

When it comes to restaurants, I would suggest that we merely be guided by the question of whether or not we have anything interesting to say about said restaurant; however, that principle, if more generally applied, would mean that none of us ever posted a status update ever again, right?

So I think that we can all agree on the following:  we like white people stuff.  We are also incredibly boring and predictable.  Let’s give ourselves a break and just enjoy our food and our shitty indie bands.


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