The Canadian Club

{October 16, 2009}   Theodicy at the movies

First, to take care of some bizness you left unfinished with your last post.  You are right and you are right.

I don’t think this sufficiently explains the Saw franchise, do you?

Do you think Where the Wild Things Are (the movie) would have been possible without Time Bandits?

Why do they keep making these pitiful romantic vignettes in 1,000 clichés by 100 filthy directors type movies?  I had the misfortune of watching a small, but indigestible chunk of the related Paris, je t’aime and I seriously blew chunks.  This one is likely to be worse as it marks Natalie Portman’s directorial debut.

Finally, and somewhat unrelatedly, did you know people still go to the opera?  Why is that?

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